The Midway

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The Midway features more than 60 exciting carnival rides

Rides on the Midway

Alpine Bob's, Banzai, Blizter Roller Coaster Century Wheel, Cliff Hanger, Crazy Mouse Roller Coaster Cuckoo Haus, Euro Slide, Funhouse, Giant Wheel, Haunted Mansion, Himalaya, Mach 3, Mardi Gras Funhouse, Mega Drop, Niagara Falls Flume, Orbitor, Pharaoh's Fury, Polar Express, Remix, Ring Of Fire, Scooter, Scooter - Rock and Roll Screamer, Sizzler, Space Roller, Star Dancer, Starship, Swing Tower, Tilt A Whirl, Vertigo, Video Funhouse, Yo Yo, Zero Gravity, Zipper, Balloon Race, Bumble Bee's, Chopper Charlie, Dizzy Dragon, Dragon Coaster, Hilly Billy Village, Jeeps, Kite Flyer, Lollipop Swings, Merry Go Round, Mini Jets, Monster Truck, Motorcycles, Raiders, Slilver STreak, Slide, Speedway, Spidermania, Toon Town, Undersea Adventure, Wacky Worm

New for 2019

Funhouse, Space Roller, Star Dancer, Zero Gravity, Cars and Busses, Dino, Elephants, Wiggle Worm

Taste of the Fair