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Livestock General Information

Date: Mar 25 - Oct 20, 2019

A Message from your Arkansas State Fairgrounds:

This weekend, your Arkansas State Fairgrounds hosted the annual Spring Livestock Show. We had over 660 entries, with 297 exhibitors.

As per procedure, each exhibitor must pass inspection. Our inspections are not handled by State Fair staff, but rather by the State Livestock and Poultry inspectors.

Unfortunately, we had to send home some 20 cattle exhibitors due to health reasons. The inspectors were following our published rules and regulations.

We take no pleasure in turning any of our exhibitors away. We realize the many hours of work that goes into showing and competing. However, we also realize that for health reasons and for the collective good of all our exhibitors, this difficult decision was made.

Earlier this year, we established a Livestock Committee, with representation from the superintendents of all our breeds, along with input and leadership from the 4H and FFA. This group has spent many hours reviewing our procedures and rules. One of our main goals is to be consistent in enforcement.

We also realize that this issue could have been handled better and that communications between our independent inspectors and our exhibitors needs review. Please know that we will be diligent in insuring that fairness is paramount and communications criticial for all future events.


Doug White

President and General Manager

Tanya Stark

Livestock Assistant Coordinator

We pride ourselves on hiring professional, well experienced and nonbiased Livestock Judges to evaluate your animal’s classes.

Please click on the link below and it will take you to your species page.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our livestock office at any time. We will be happy to assist!

Livestock Assistant - Tanya Stark

Phone: 501-372-8341


2019 Arkansas State Fair Market Shows will not be terminal.

Deadline to order DNA kits for Market Steers, Market Hogs, Market Goats, Market Lambs will be June 15.

Deadline to enter Online and have DNA post marked will be July 1. The Online entry and DNA will prove ownership.

Protest fee has increased from $100 to $250

Entry fees will increased across all species

Drenching will be permitted in specified areas with drenching gun, absolutely no stomach pumping

Cost for Replacement ear tags for Market animals has increased to $100, can’t be bought onsite; DNA must be submitted for Replacement tags

There will be no Miniature Cattle except for Miniature Herefords.

There will be a $10 charge for PeeWee Swine entries

There will be more farm visits conducted after ownership deadlines

No camping on West side of Swine barn. This will be used as Goat and Lamb grooming area and will be a charge for all Grooming Stands

All exhibitors will be required to purchase an exhibitor pass. The cost will be $25 per pass and must be purchased online for this discount.

All species must have a minimum of 10 head to make a show/division, this includes Market Hog Breeds

Showorks Market Entry Link: https://asfmk.fairmanager.com

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2019 Arkansas State Fair Spring Show

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