Midway Express Access

Date: Sept 29 - Oct 22, 2017
Midway Express Access, offers customers an option to purchase a single day, front of the line access to all Midway Rides. This program is available on a limited basis per day and provides guests a premiere Carnival experience. Midway Express Access can be purchased at all NAME Midway Ticket Booths. Only $15.00

Freak Out

This giant pendulum masterpiece swings riders up to 127 degrees while revolving at a speed of up to 15 rpm’s.

Crazy Mouse

Have no fear on this wild spinning coaster. This is for all coaster lovers and fun seekers of all ages. There will plenty of screaming and laughing as riders freely spin, drop and turn as riders reach more than 40 feet high and zoom across the 1,300 foot twisting and dropping track at 30 mph.

Wacky Worm

A kiddieland rollercoaster for the thrill seekers in training.
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Midway Express Access FAQ

What is Midway Express Access?

When a Midway Express pass is purchased, the customer receives the opportunity to receive a single day, front of the line access to all Midway rides with their Midway Express Access credentials and designated ride coupons or Ride Armband Pass wristband. Each ride allows Midway Express Access customers first access to rides on a monitored basis per individual ride capacity; limited Midway Express Access passes are available for purchase at ticket booths located on the Midway. Midway Express Access riders enter each ride through a designated gate, all Midway rides are included (does not include Extreme Rides).

When are Midway Express Access Passes accepted?

Midway Express Access passes are accepted on date of purchase only.

Do you need to purchase a Midway Express Access pass each day of the fair?

Yes. Midway Express Access is only valid on date of purchase and must be re-purchased each day expedited access is desired.

What is the cost for the Midway Express pass?

The Midway Express Access pass is available for purchase at Midway Ticket Booths for $15; valid for the date of purchase only, limited quantity available.

Is the Midway Express Access pass in addition to your armband ride pass or ride coupons?

Yes. In order to receive front of the line access to each ride, customers must have the appropriate Midway Express Access credentials and the armband ride pass or ride coupons.

What are the appropriate credentials for the Midway Express Access?

Upon purchase, customers will receive the daily Midway Ride Armband and souvenir lanyard with hang tag. Both credentials and either ride coupons or daily ride armband must be shown to each ride operator prior to accessing the ride.

Click Below to view a list of the Carnival Rides

Size Wize

Save time by measuring your child in advance at our SIZE WIZE measuring charts located near our ticket sales. Once you have the correct measurement, look for the SIZE WIZE signs posted at each ride to ensure your child meets the requirements. This will also help with determining which ticket package you will want to purchase.

Please be advised that children under 42” may be required to ride some of the rides with a paying adult.

We look forward to seeing you on our Midway!

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